Operating lease of cars with service

Long-term rental, in other words, operating lease of cars with their service (full or partial) is currently one of the main forms of financing and use of company cars by companies. Every fifth Polish entrepreneur purchasing new vehicles chooses this solution. A few years ago, this service was niche in our country, associated primarily with large international corporations, and now it is also used by companies from the SME sector.

The rate of long-term rental development in the country has been very high for many years – each year, Polish roads see on average by 12–14% more company cars financed in this way.

The industry thus plays an increasingly important role for the entire automotive market. In recent years, the industry has bought 1/5 of all new passenger cars sold to companies in the country.

It is worth noting that it is companies that for many years have been driving the sale of new cars in Polish showrooms, currently generating over 2/3 of total sales.

From a niche service to one of the main forms of company cars financing

Long-term rental appeared more than 50 years ago in Western Europe, today it is the basic form of financing company fleets – in some countries, cars under a long-term rental arrangement account for up to 70-80% of all company vehicles. In Poland, this service is still very fresh, as it appeared in the mid-90s of the last century. The market is still far from being saturated, which means that long-term rental has very optimistic forecasts, and the number of cars used by companies in this way will be still significantly higher than the current one.

In the opinion of PVRLA experts, the rental industry in our country is developing in a similar way to older Western European markets and it should be expected that in the next few years, long-term rental in Poland will have a share in the business vehicles market similar to Western Europe.