Post-Leasing cars

The dynamic growth in the number of cars in long-term rental in Poland means that every year on the market of used vehicles, the offer of so-called post-leasing cars increases.

Long-term rental companies owned by PVRLA currently sell approx. 40,000 used cars every year. These are both passenger cars and light vans (with a maximum authorized weight of up to 3.5 tonnes), previously used in the fleets of clients belonging to our organization as part of long-term rental (i.e. operating lease with full or partial service). The standard life of cars is 3 - 4 years. After this time, the vehicles are returned to the lessors, the customer receives factory-new, selected cars, and the used cars are sold on the secondary market.

The most important advantages of post-leasing cars sold by PVRLA

A wide range - all makes and models of passenger cars and LCVs up to 3.5 tonnes DMC that are available on the Polish market are offered

Age is usually up to 4 years

Cars from Polish dealer networks

Fully documented mileage and technical condition of vehicles (confirmed by opinions of experts such as DEKRA or SGS)

Full history of use, including repairs and servicing

No legal defects

Purchase based on a VAT invoice

The possibility of leasing financing, including a package of maintenance services, tire replacement and insurance

Most information about the technical condition, including photos from the appraisal made by experts available on CFM portals

See the offer of post-leasing cars of individual companies belonging to PVRLA.