Polish Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association

The Polish Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association (PVRLA) is the only Polish industry organization operating on the fleet market, gathering the most important and largest rental companies for short, medium and long-term passenger cars and commercial vehicles. Since 2015, the PVRLA has a separate organizational structure - Rent-a-Car group of companies - the group of companies in which the members are the largest Polish and international network car rental companies.

PVRLA members
are the buyers of
nearly 40% of new
passenger cars
in Poland to companies

Since 2005, we have been effectively representing the car rental and leasing industry in Poland. With a team of our own experts, we educate both business entities and public institutions on the subject of modern and best ways of external financing and fleet management. Basing on the experience of older and more developed Western European markets, we indicate the directions of development of the industry in Poland and set the best practices and standards for the provision of services in the field of fleet outsourcing. We advise on all matters related to company cars. PVRLA is a collective member of the Polish Leasing Association and the Partnership for Road Safety.

Companies associated in the Polish Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association generate approximately 40% of the total sales of new cars to companies in the country, thanks to which the organization has a significant impact on the functioning and condition of the entire automotive market in Poland.

PVRLA has existed since 2005. Find out about our history...

PVRLA board

Grzegorz Szymański, Prezes Zarządu

Grzegorz Szymański


CEO of Arval Polska

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Rogiera Klopa, Member of the PVRLA board

Rogier Klop

Member of the PVRLA board

Managing Director of LeasePlan Polska

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Radosław Lesiak

Paweł Piórkowski

Member of the PVRLA board

President of Hertz

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Maciej Tórz, Member of the PVRLA board

Maciej Tórz

Member of the PVRLA board

President of Rentis SA

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Our goals and values

The main objective of PVRLA is to create and disseminate the highest ethical and business standards in the field of car rental and leasing in Poland. Taking advantage of the rich experience of developed fleet markets in Western Europe, we implement the best and proven practices in Poland. As a result, our member companies offer their clients the highest quality of services.

Our priority is to care for the safety not only of fleet drivers, but also other users of Polish roads. We act to protect the environment by promoting eco-driving principles, rewarding environment-friendly initiatives and activities of companies using fleets, providing comprehensive expert knowledge on building ecological vehicle parks and promoting the introduction in Poland, like in Western European countries, of solutions encouraging entrepreneurs to use eco-cars.

We pursue our goals and values using the extensive knowledge and experience of PVRLA experts, primarily through information and educational activities targeted at large corporations, companies from the SME sector, public sector institutions, industry organizations in the automotive market and state administration bodies responsible for law-making.

On a daily basis, we provide professional knowledge on the most cost-effective and operationally efficient forms of financing and using company cars, advise on all matters related to the fleet of company cars, demonstrate best industry standards and norms, promote ecological solutions, and represent the rental and leasing industry in Poland.

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PVRLA Code of Ethics

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PVRLA Statute

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PVRLA Results

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