PVRLA vehicle return guides

One of the main goals of PVRLA is to set the best standards in the rental and leasing industry of vehicles in Poland.

The effects of activities in this field include Vehicle Return Guides published by us, which are now a widely accepted standard on the market for the return of cars to CFM, after the end of the rental period of the long-term fleet. The first publication of this type was released already in 2007.

PVRLA Vehicle Return Guides provide comprehensive and detailed information on acceptable and unacceptable (i.e., not falling within the limits of the so-called normal operation) damage to cars after the long-term rental period. In addition to precise descriptions, they also contain pictures showing examples of vehicle defects. As a result, they are a very useful tool for both CFM companies and fleet operators in the framework of long-term rental, which allows to significantly simplify, systematize and shorten the process of returning cars.

The educational value is also important for us. The guides are generally available, which means that every driver of a company car has the opportunity to get acquainted with the principles of proper and safe car operation from the very first minute of using the vehicle. As a consequence, it will avoid additional costs due to excessive damage when the vehicle is returned.

PVRLA guides have been developed by our organization’s experts in cooperation with Dekra Polska and SGS Polska, and concern the 2 most popular types of vehicles rented in Poland in the long term: passenger cars and delivery vans with a maximum permissible weight of up to 3.5 tonnes.

Passenger Car Return Guide

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Commercial Vehicle Return Guide (only Polish version)

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