A group of Rent-a-Car companies

Since 2015, it exists a separate organizational structure within PVRLA - Group of Rent-a-Car companies.

The largest Polish and international network rental companies are members of our organization. Rent-a-Car companies owned by PVRLA have a total fleet of several thousand passenger cars and delivery vans, offered to individual clients as well as entrepreneurs, under the short-term rental services (from 1 to 30 days) and medium-term (from 1 month to 2 years).

Definition of PVRLA for short-term rental
(Short Term Rental, abbreviation: STR)
and mid-term rental
(Medium Term Rental, abbreviation: MTR)

  • The company finances cars in any form
  • Short-term rental - duration of the contract:
    max. 30 days
  • Mid-term rental - duration of the contract:
    1 - 24 months
  • RV risk on the financing party’s side.

The most important benefits of renting short-term and medium-term cars for entrepreneurs:

High flexibility of the lease agreement

Minimum formalities

It is easy to terminate the car rental agreement early

The opportunity for easy conversion of the car to others during the contract

Fixed rental costs - simple cost planning

Fast and easy way to increase the company’s fleet, depending on the current needs of the company (e.g. implementation of seasonal projects)

An easy and economical way to obtain replacement cars

Full scope of administrative and car servicing support, e.g. insurance, assistance, tire replacement, inspections and repairs (in the case of medium-term rental, the scope of services offered is similar to full service leasing services)

24/7 information and technical support

A wide selection of makes and models of passenger cars and delivery vans

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